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Thursday, August 26, 2010


Final chapter

She slid her feet into her favourite high heeled boots. They were not her favourite because they were extremely comfortable, or because they were stunning and showed off her amazing legs and made every male she passed drool. They were her favourite because she had a knife hidden in the sole of the left boot and a tiny thermal grenade in the right. It had taken quite some time to find the correct sized ordinance to fit into them, but it was worth it.

She got up and strolled across the walkway, the crisp night air biting at her flesh. Her nipples still erect and her sweat still sticking to her skin meant everyone stopped to watch her walk past. In this district everybody minded their own business so for life to seemingly stop like this was very unsettling.

Her master beckoned for her to quicken her pace and she did so, catching him up just as he stopped to face her. He grabbed her by the neck and began to squeeze hard on her windpipe, leaning in close and breathing hard on her ear.

“If you ever embarrass me in public again by refusing me again, I will do more than stripping you naked and spanking your green ass. Do you understand me slave girl?”

This scared her, more so than the public display he put her through moments before. Her eyes searched all who past them, looking for signs that someone would come to her rescue. Of course down here that was never going to happen. He growled into her ear again “Answer me bitch!” He then slid his rough hand into her exposed knickers; insert a finger into her pussy far to fast to be arousing. It wouldn’t have been so bad nut it was his ringed finger, and the bulbous rock embedded into the ring hurt all the way up.

Fortunately for her she let out a quiet whimper and her removed his finger slowly, released his grip and let her slump to the ground. She lay there struggling for her breath to return to normal, still scanning the crowds for a saviour. The chances of a Jedi emerging from the crowd to cut down her master and rescue her were pretty slim. Those noble warriors were long gone thanks to Vader and his troops. No, she was on her own.

Without thinking it through her hand slid over to her left boot and hovered over the quick release switch for her knife. If he got any closer it would be his blood on the promenade this time and not hers. She silently begged for him to come closer, and he did.

His boot came crushing down on her wrist and she screamed in agony. At least this brought her breath back. “Do you think I’m stupid you worthless woman?” Again he was asking her questions she couldn’t answer. All she knew was the game was most likely up and that the only thing in her near future was a public beating.

He reached down and ripped off her boot, flipping the switch and catching the nifty little blade as it shot out of it’s compartment. He examined it, ever so slightly touching it with his tongue. His reflex instantly spitting out the foul taste now in his mouth. He’d discovered the poison coated on the tiny blade and his eyes widened with fury, tugging off her over boot before throwing them both over the edge of the walkway.

She watched as her only chance of freedom dropped into the chasm. Her life was about to end and she knew it. She wondered why her life wasn’t flashing before her eyes, probably because it wasn’t much of a life. Sold into slavery as she had reached her species sexual maturity and it was all downhill from there. She hadn’t even been satisfied sexually in many years, forced to perform for those animals in that club most of her life.

Her only hope in that club was the same as it was right now, looking into the eyes of decent looking passer-bys hoping for a connection, hoping for a saviour. The thought finally sunk in that it was over. Her sad miserable life is going to end and it was probably for the best. Time for her dream of travelling the galaxy in the strong arms of a well-endowed good man was just a silly fantasy and it was the only thing that had kept her going.

Her master picked her up off the floor and threw her towards the end of the walkway, her face hanging over the edge starring into the abyss. She wanted to close her eyes but she couldn’t. Again the foul smelling creature that had been her master began to speak, this time his words spewing from his mouth with venomous hatred.

“You are of no use to me anymore bitch” his boot now pressing into her back “My team are all dead or captured, I paid well to have the bounty hunter on my trail taken care of and I don’t need you to store my loot anymore” It was true. He and his team had stolen and lot of money and valuables in their time and had used her to deposit everything at the local bank. If only they’d taken their eyes off her for more than a minute she could have slipped into the bank and take the lot. She was the only one with access, and if her master was gone she would be free.

“I’m going to slice off your pretty little head and use it to get my money, and throw your worthless little body over the edge” She couldn’t she but he withdrew his own sword and raised it high preparing to swipe. She could see how the people passing by were giving them an extra wide berth and some were running off into the shadows. They were scared or spooked and who could blame them.

There was a loud whooshing sound and she felt the blade pass her neck barely an inch away. Had he missed? Was he just fucking with her? His left her back and she heard him take a step back. She wanted to turn to see but she was frozen with fear. No. She wasn’t going to let him win; if she was going to die at his hand she was going to face him. She cautiously rolled over and faced him.

He stood there just a few steps away, feet planted apart widely and his arms stretched out with his sword still in his hand. He was looking down at his chest as there what looked to be a long thin arrow protruding from his chest. Her eyes transfixed on the tip of the arrow she heard footsteps approach and an armoured figure appeared behind her master. The figure, clearly a bounty hunter, leaned in to speak into her now dying master’s ear and with a firm and gravelly voice spoke.

“You are going to die scum” The bounty hunter’s voice was commanding and authoritive and it made her loins tighten. He spoke again. “I am taking your slave woman and I am taking all of you ill-gotten gains” She felt herself start to smile. He wasn’t finished. “You will be lying dead in my holding cell. I will be rich and I will be fucking your woman in my bunk whilst you rot. Now die you fucker!” And with that he yanked the barbed arrow backwards through her former master’s chest and it dropped lifeless to the ground.

She looked up at the bounty hunter. He wore a lot of armour but she could see he was strong and she suspected there was a pretty nice cock under that cod-piece. He knelt down beside her and removed his helmet and she began to feel weak. He was gorgeous. A strong chin, beautiful eyes, a little stubble and a few scars, but oh my he was pretty. And when he spoke she nearly came in her knickers

“Hello beautiful” he said “It would please me greatly if you would agree to come with me. We can collect on his head, take his gangs earnings and leave this part of the galaxy and never return. She was gushing at this point “Would you like to be my partner?” he then asked and she was nodding before he had even finished the question.

“Just one condition” she felt herself say to him. Where did that strength come from she thought, this guy clearly has an effect on me just like I have on most men.

“Of course my sweet, anything for you” was his reply. She swallowed and asked her question before the moment overtook her completely “Please fuck me” she demanded “Fuck me now and fuck me hard”

He smiled “Of course my love, right away” And with one swift motion he had her up in his arms and they were moving off towards his ship. Her former slave master’s body being dragged behind them as they moved off back into the shadows. “Bounty” she whispered into his ear. “My name is Bounty” and smiled at him. “Pleased to meet you Bounty” he whispered back barely containing his smile “My name is Hunter”

She couldn’t be sure, as she was mesmerized by him but she could have swore she heard some cheers from the crowd and some scattered applause. She slid a finger between her thighs and felt how quickly she’d moistened; tonight was going to be a good night.

The end.

Sunday, August 22, 2010


Chapter four

A map of his current location hovered to his left, various tactical solutions to his right. Directly ahead was the cockpit's view screen, currently filled with the streaking blue and white light if hyperspace. The solutions provided by the ship's AI were as complex as they were outrageous. His ship learned with every encounter but it could never compensate for the thoughts of an organic brain in desperation.

He was going to have to take a chance. At this speed he'd be in the Hutt system in an hour, and a fire-fight there would be suicide, or worse, imprisonment by the Hutts. Two choices presented themselves. Divert to Ord Mandell or . . .

He grabbed his harness and hurriedly strapped himself in and tightened it as far as he could. His flesh whitening as he did so. Reaffirming his grip on the flight sticks he physically braced himself as best he could. With his left foot hovering above the inertial rudder he lifted his right leg high above the console.

He checked his breathing and made one last visual check - three ships, standard v formation and ready for attack. Praising his luck that none of the three pilots had anticipated his move he dropped his right leg. His foot made contact with the emergency sunspace reversion button.

In the blink of an eye the Precious was back in real space. Decelerating back to normal sub-light speed. He stamped hard on the rudder with his left foot, whilst simultaneously kicking the internal gravity dial to full with his left. As his ship still hurtled forward it began to tilt. A quick jolt forward on the sticks and the ship was now facing the way he came, still travelling at maximum sub-light speed.

The alarms triggered again and three blurs appeared ahead in the viewport, the blurs quickly becoming deadly fighters that would surely finish him off. Sure enough all three fighters remained in their side by side formation. Three Z-95 Head-hunters. Formidable in their day, but no match for his Precious.

The best thing about his custom control sticks was that under each of his fingertips was the firing mechanism for each of his ship's weapons. They flared to life and began to take apart the antiques chasing him. There was no audible sound in the vacuum of space, but the sound of his weapons firing at maximum filled the cockpit with their beautiful melodic screeching.

He released his harness and allowed himself to relax, and the three debris clouds grew smaller and smaller. He checked the tactical display and was relieved to see no transmissions were made by either if the three. He righted his ship and reprogrammed the jump into hyperspace. Point one past lightspeed this time, there was no rush as he had some business to take care of.

The ship lurched effortlessly back to lightspeed and he climbed out of his chair and headed back to his quarters. Flipped on the sonic shower and climbed in, closing the door behind him. He began to soap himself up, and the hot vapour encased him. His mind was immediately back to where it was before the interruption.

Spending extra time lubricating his balls he began to stroke his cock which had returned to full duty incredibly quickly. He leant back against the shower wall and started to beat himself faster. His eyes closed as he pictured her face again, and her soft open pussy. Her fingers working her open lips as her mouth worked it's magic on his cock. In seconds he was finally cumming. With one hand gripping the base and the other furiously working the tip of his cock he came, spraying the other wall in his juice.

He finally allowed himself to breathe a sigh of relief, or was it satisfaction? Either way he was spent. Now to get suited up and bring in his next bounty. The question was what would he do with her? But the thought of her tied up in his holding cell lingered in his mind a moment too long as he could feel his cock twitching back to life.

Well, maybe five more minutes in the shower wouldn't hurt.

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Prisoner of War - Part 3 (NSFW, Mature Content)

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This post is NSFW - Mature Content!

Days turned to weeks.  Rachel's life with Master and Leah fell into a routine that Rachel wasn't happy with, but it was bearable.  Unless Master or Leah had need of her, Rachel was free to walk the grounds and be at leisure.  She knew this was better than the labor slaves - harsh treatment, beatings and hard labor filled their days.  Their nights were spent in an exhausted slumber with their stomachs never filled completely.

But she was restless, and hated her newfound fate.  It was better than death, but it still left her wanting.  She used the time that she had free to roam the grounds, looking for a way that she could escape.

Today was no different.  She had roamed the mansion, checking windows, checking possible escape routes.  She had walked miles, checking every possible place to hide, checking for ways to leave unnoticed.

Now she was tired, and her muscles ached.  She made her way to the communal baths for the slaves.  She was dressed only in a robe, and she walked in.  Seeing she was alone (except for the guards that were at the far ends of the pool), she dropped the robe and sank into the warm water, sitting near the edge of the large bathing pool.

It had taken her a few days to get used to the communal baths, but it was simply a new part of her life now, and something she accepted - at least temporarily.  

She was soaking, relaxing, when a figure entered the baths and entered the water only a few feet away from her.  Rachel's breath caught in her throat.

Malea, she thought.  She's alive!  She's here!

One of the few women to survive the slaughter of her squad, the last time Rachel had seen her was as they were being carried off after the rest of the squad had been left dead to rot on the goddess-forsaken planet that they had been fighting on.

Rachel's heart raced, but she fought to not show her excitement.  Malea had been one of the toughest fighters in her squad.  If they worked together, surely they could find a way to escape.

She edged closer, trying not to be too obvious and stirred the water to catch Malea's eye.  Malea turned, and - goddess be praised - didn't let her recognition show.  Malea spoke with a cool tone.  "Getting a little close aren't you?"  But Rachel could see the flicker of light in her eyes, the glimmer of hope that Rachel herself felt.

Rachel made herself sound nonchalant in response.  "Sorry, my mistake."  She backed away a bit, not sure how to proceed.  Then she formed a plan, and hoped Malea would play along.  It would be the one way they could talk without the guards caring.

Rachel edged closer again, then reached out and ran her fingertips along Malea's back.  She smiled, sounding shy, "I was hoping we could have some...alone time, maybe?" 

Malea instantly knew what Rachel had in mind and hid a smile.  "Mmmmm....that does sound nice."  She reached out, lightly caressing Rachel's arm.  "Shall we move this to a changing room?"  

The changing rooms were nothing more than curtained off corners of the bathing room, but they had at least some degree of privacy.  The guards would probably want something in return for letting them be in there, but that can't be helped.  Rachel stood and led Malea by the hand to one of the guards, both of the women completely nude and not caring (their modesty having been stripped from them over the course of the past weeks).  

Rachel smiled sweetly, asking the guard, "My new friend and I would like to use the changing room in order to get to know each other.  May we?"

The guard leered at the two women, looking them up and down.  "On one condition - the rules say you have to be watched.  So," he smirked, "I get to watch."  

Rachel was disgusted, but knew it could be worse.  While the guards weren't allowed to rape the slaves of others, they could - and often did - fondle the slaves and also make the girls go down on them.  Having him watch and not help was a plus.  Rachel nodded.  "That's fine."  

She led Malea - who was acting meek, shy and compliant - to the changing area, sitting on a plush lounging sofa.  She sat with her as the guard came into the "room" and pulled the curtain closed.  He stood to the side, licking his lips in anticipation.

Rachel began tracing her fingertips along Malea's arm, lightly running her nails along her skin.  Malea's skin began to show goosebumps and her nipples became erect, responding to the touch.  Malea ran her hands along Rachel's arms and chest, along her collarbone, knowing what must be done in the hopes that they can whisper a plan to each other in a moment of passion, without the guard hearing.

Malea moved closer, leaning towards Rachel, her lips brushing Rachel's lightly in an exploratory kiss.  Rachel's lips parted, wanting Malea to deepen the kiss, which she did.  They kissed with greater passion, their tongues exploring each others' mouths as their hands roamed along each others' bodies.

Malea eased Rachel back on the sofa and began trailing kisses along her neck, moving closer to Rachel's breast.  Her tongue lightly flicked across Rachel's dark pink nipple, eliciting a gasp of pleasure from Rachel.  Malea then sucked and nursed at the sensitive spot, her hands moving lower towards Rachel's sex. 

As expected, the guard quickly became excited watching the two women, his cock stiffening as he watched Rachel's nipples being tasted and sucked.  He let out a quiet groan as he saw Malea slowly making her hand move between Rachel's legs.  After making sure that the other guard was still on the other side of the room, he loosened his pants, sliding his hand into the front so that he could slowly stroke his cock as he watched.  He may have to have one of them finish him off in a while.  The thought of one - or both - of them on their knees sucking him off after getting each other off made his cock even harder.

Malea continued to suck Rachel's tit, her hand going between Rachel's legs, finding her clit.  She fingered Rachel's clit, whispering, "You like that?  Tell me if you want me to play with your clit or finger you."  

Rachel moaned softly, "Please...keep playing with my clit."  She spread her legs more, her hands in Malea's hair.  Malea fiddled with her clit, using one hand to spread Rachel's cunt lips wide and exposing the tender, sensitive clit, then using the other to rub and play with it.  Then she moved and lowered her head from Rachel's tit to her sex, flicking her tongue on her clit.

Rachel's eyes rolled back in her head, and she felt herself getting hot and wet.  Her eyes glanced at the guard to see if he was watching.

He most certainly was, and his hand was rubbing and stroking his cock, watching Malea eat Rachel's pussy.  It was a beautiful sight, and he wanted badly to participate and not just watch - which is what Rachel was hoping for.  She moaned again as Malea's tongue delved deep into her cunt, and she felt herself getting close to cumming. 

Rachel whispered, "Please...fingerfuck me as you suck my clit.  That feels so good."  Malea obliged, fingering Rachel's wet cunt vigorously as she licked and sucked her clit, causing Rachel to gasp and then cum, soaking Malea with her juices.

Rachel and Malea looked at the guard, both grinning.  The guard was beating off to the sight of them, trying not to make any noise because he didn't want the other guard to hear.  Rachel whispered, "We'll help you with your condition if we get 5 minutes alone once you're done."  

The guard didn't hesitate.  "Deal."  He moved forward and stood beside the two women, pulling his pants down to his knees, cock in hand.  

Malea lay back on the sofa as Rachel moved her face between her legs, licking and sucking Malea's clit, fingering her cunt.  Rachel was bent over the sofa, purposely exposing her wet, warm cunt to the guard behind her.  He stepped up behind her, slipping his hard, throbbing cock into Rachel, watching her with her face buried in Malea's pussy.   He whispered as he started pumping against Rachel, fucking her hard, "Oh yeah, baby.  Eat her out.  Lick her cunt.  God, yeah.  Fucking slave whores will fuck anything, anywhere.  You just love having me fuck you, don't you, whore?"  He fucked her harder and faster as he spoke, trying not to groan too loudly. 

Rachel didn't care what he said, so long as he kept his end of the bargain - which he would or she'd go to her Master and tell him what the guard did to her.  She sucked and fingered Malea, feeling her getting closer to cumming.

Malea came hard, her wetness flowing from her, crying out.  The guard came at almost the same time, grunting with his final thrust, shooting his cum deep inside of Rachel.  

Rachel looked sharply at the guard.  "I kept my part of the deal.  Now yours."  

The guard smirked, fastening his pants.  "Five minutes, no more," he said, then stepped out.  

Rachel and Malea spoke in hushed whispers.  They hugged, near tears.  "I'm sorry you had to do that," Malea whispered.  

Rachel spoke in a quiet, no-nonsense tone. "We do what we have to do, Malea."  She hugged her again.  "Meet me tomorrow morning by the gardens on the East Side.  We'll compare notes about how we can get out of here."

Malea nodded.  "I will."  She hugged her one last time, then both women stepped from the changing room, finished their bath, and went back to their Masters.

To be continued....

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Bounty part three

Chapter three

He held on to the edge if the bunk tight. So tight his hands were beginning to change colour. He toes also began to grip the floor scratching for purchase. Tilting his head and arching his back he did all he could to not to cum, bit he knew it was inevitable.

The Orion slave girl continued to suck his cock despite his fidgeting and wriggling. Her mouth travelling the entire length of his shaft and back every time was almost too must. Every pleasure centre in his body was active and was screaming with pleasure. One hand was reached behind his ass pushing his body closer every time and her other reached up and clawed at his upper body. He would probably be covered in scratches when this was over but it would be worth it.

"This was it" he thought. He was going to cum in her mouth and he was going to cum hard. The thought occurred that as he was pumping so deep into her throat she might gag and spit his hot sticky cum back at him. That thought was quickly replaced with the realisation that she was a professional and knew exactly what she was doing.

The moment began to approach. The sensation built within him, and he could feel it seep to every extremity of his body. The numbness in his hands and feet was replaced by that wonderful tingling feeling as all his senses began to subdue. It was really going to happen.

He could see next time nothing, not because his quarters were dark but because he couldn't open his eyes. The only scent in the air was the musky tang of sweat, his sweat. Barely conscious of any sound his ears were filled with the sound of his own groans and the sound of a soft wet mouth sliding briefly over the end of his cock.

This was by far the most sensual and erotic that had ever happened to him. In fact it was the only sexual encounter for many years. The question quickly occurred why that was, but was again quickly dismissed, as the beautiful green skinned woman at his feet began to moan. She had picked up on his mounting pleasure and was about to bring him to orgasm.

This is infinitely more pleasurable than that thing he picked up on Risa. That so-called male pleasure device was not worth the hundred credits he paid for it, especially as the pump had failed after only a month. If this was going to happen he wanted to see it. He wanted to see her swallow her prize. She was so good it was obvious she enjoyed it too, and he wanted to reward her.

The paralysis controlling his body would barely allow him to move his neck. But it had to, he could feel his cum about to leave him and enter her. The moment should be the greatest thing to ever happen to him, just one thing bothered him. What was that sound? It sounded like . . .

"Warning. Warning. Pursuit alert"

He opened his eyes and looked down. There was no green skinned goddess, there was only the sight on his own naked body and his sweat covered bunk sheet.

There was the flashing red light above his door and the blaring of the alarm system. He was not receiving the blow job of his life - he was in bed dreaming and his vessel was trying to rouse him.

With a sweaty leap from his bunk he was running barefoot towards and out of the door. Three seconds later he was stood absolutely naked in the cockpit staring at the tactical display. Three long range fighters and they were bearing on him. It was at that moment he looked down again. This time the sight that beheld him was of his poor cock, gently returning to it's flaccid state and of his cum covered balls and inner thighs.

His next thought upon jumping into his seat and grabbing the controls was "why don't I keep a towel up here?"

Saturday, August 14, 2010

Dear D'nae (NSFW, Mature Content)

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This post is NSFW - Mature Content!

I get a lot of questions in my DM inbox.  I thought some of you might like to hear what I have to say. :)

Q.  Is there anything you won't write about?

A:  I won't write about pedophilia.  Period.  No way, shape or form.  

There isn't really anything else I won't write about, but I usually try to avoid topics that might squick out readers.  An example would be some forms of humiliation used in BDSM.  Another example would be bestiality. Would I write about them?  Yes, but I probably won't on this blog since I doubt they would appeal to a lot of readers.  (If I'm wrong, tell me!  That's what comments are for.)

Even incest - as long as it's done between adults (adult brother/sister, for example) - isn't off-limits to me.  I might write some things with more kinks as time goes on.

Q:  What turns you on IRL?

A:  A lot of what I write about appeals to me IRL.  I love collars and nipple clamps, for example.  I love a Master that takes control and makes me do and say all kinds of naughty, dirty things.   I love to be spanked.  I love bondage.  I love watching and helping guys jerk off.  I love oral sex.  

Some things I write about are things I may not have done but have fantasized about.

Q:  Do you get excited when you write?

A:  Yes.  If what I write doesn't excite me, then I'm not doing a good job, in my opinion.

Q: Do you have a Master IRL?

A:  Yes, I do.

Q:  Can I be your Master?

A:  No, I'm afraid not.  See above answer. ;)

Q:  What is your favorite thing to write about?

A:  Anything Master/slave oriented.   Maybe one day I'll write something that would be all of my kinks in one - I'd just need a lot of warnings.  LOL   I also love to write about oral sex and girl on girl stuff.

I also have kinks that turn me on to know on when I write, but I'm not sure if I'll write about them on this blog.  I don't want to squick anyone out.

I may propose a few possibilities and see if anyone prefers one over the other.

Q: Do you like bondage IRL?

A:  Yes, I love bondage IRL.  Collars, leashes, chains, nipple clamps, bondage tables, hoods, blindfolds, handcuffs - you name it, I love it.

Q:  What is your ultimate fantasy?

A:  I have so many kinks that it would be hard to get everything in one fantasy. ;)

A good start would be a Master taking control, binding me, controlling me, spanking me, making me do all sorts of dirty and naughty things - including on my knees sucking his cock while he told me what a dirty girl I am - and then when I was begging for it, he'd bend me over the bed or a chair and fuck me hard.  Oh, yeah.  Mmmmmmm....

Alright, that's it for now.  

Got questions for me?  Leave a comment.

Like the Q & A?  Leave a comment.  :)

Friday, August 13, 2010

The Gift - Part 3 (NSFW, Mature Content)

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This post is NSFW - Mature Content!

D'nae waited in the room patiently for her "Master."  He wasn't really her permanent master - Kevin was the one who actually owned her - but after a lot of discussion with his crewmates (and with D'nae's agreement - she was surprised that he asked for her opinion), it was decided that D'nae would be available for anyone who had chipped in to buy her.  On two conditions: One, Kevin had priority, and two, D'nae had to agree.

Tonight Kevin had duty, so she was to be with Mitch.  Mitch was almost 6 feet tall, husky build but not too muscular.  He had dark hair and she guessed he was around 35 Earth years old, but she wasn't very good at guessing the age of Terrans.

Mitch finished his shift, went to his room and walked in.  He smiled when he saw D'nae.  "I see you're on time.  That's good."   He walked over to her and his voice was low but eager.  "Let's begin.  Get undressed." 

D'nae was somewhat surprised at his abrupt request, but complied.  Mitch wasn't shy and reluctant like Kevin was.  She removed her clothing, setting everything to the side.  She stood before him, nude and unashamed, letting him see her.

Mitch walked over to his dresser, digging in one of the drawers.  He pulled out whatever prize he had been seeking and grinned.  He slowly turned to her with the object in his hands, his eyes gleaming with anticipation.  It was a collar.

Not just any collar.  It was heavy, leather, with numerous light chains coming from it.  On the ends of the chains were four shackles and two clamps.  D'nae smirked.  Mitch was an experienced Master.  This was going to be fun.  

Mitch came to her and fastened the collar on her.  His voice became firm and in control.  "You are mine for the night," he told her as he began attaching the shackles to her wrists.  "You'll do what I say, and you'll call me 'Master' or 'Sir.'"  He attached the shackles to her ankles.  "Do you understand?"  He attached the two clamps to her erect nipples and gave a firm tug on them, sending a delicious pain shooting through her nips to her quickly dampening sex.  

She bowed her head and murmured, "Yes, Master.  I serve only you tonight."

Mitch smiled.  "We are going to have fun tonight, aren't we, D'nae?"  As he spoke, he traced one finger around one of her clamped nipples.  She shivered as her nipple grew even more perky, she loved how in control he was.  

"Yes, Master," she answered, her gaze still lowered.

He took his finger and slowly began to tease the other nipple.  "Whose are you, D'nae?"

"Yours, Master," she whispered.

His voice was a silken whisper.  "Good.  Very good."  He cupped her breast, his thumb brushing over the clamped nipple.  "What can I do to you, D'nae?"

She didn't look up or hesitate, but her breathing was quickening under his touch.  "Anything, Master.  I belong to you."   

Mitch grinned and moved his hand lower, slowly reaching between her legs and rubbing her sex.  He leaned close and whispered, "You're wet just thinking about all of the things I'm going to do with you, D'nae.  You're a very bad girl.  Bad girls have very bad things done to them, but they love every minute of it."  As he spoke, his fingers delved deeper into her sex.  "Spread your legs," he commanded.  "Let me feel you."

D'nae was weak in her knees and quickly spread her legs so he could have better access.  Mitch was right - nothing excited her more than being in the bed of an experienced master, one that controlled her and punished her the way she liked it.  She felt his fingers probe her, explore her sex.  She moaned softly, her cunt getting warmer and wetter from his molestations.

Mitch grinned as he heard the moan.  "You like that, my new toy?"  He fingered her more vigorously.  "Nice and tight.  Just like my toy should be.  I am going to enjoy you all night long."  

Mitch began to get hard thinking about the things he was going to to do D'nae tonight.  His tastes always ran to...well, he thought of them as exotic.  His girlfriends disagreed.  Some even threatened to call security on him.  The thought of having a girl that would not only do everything he wanted, but would do it willingly, turned him on to no end.  His voice was deep with excitement as he spoke.  "I have so many things I want to do with you.   I don't know where to begin."  He withdrew his fingers, backed up, and stared at D'nae, trying to decide what to do with her first.  

The first thing, he decided, was that she was too free to move.  That needed to be changed.  "Lie face down on the bed," he told her as he went to his closet, looking for something.  

D'nae lay down, watching him.  She saw him find several ropes and cuffs and walk towards her.  He handcuffed her, then bound her arms tightly, leaving her breasts exposed, the clamped nipples still erect and ready to be sucked, tugged, and fondled.  He left her unbound from the waist down, for easier access to whatever he wanted.  

"Lie still, on your stomach," he ordered.  D'nae did as she was told.  He went to the closet again and brought out a paddling board.  His cock was very stiff as he walked to the bed, brandishing the board.  After thinking a moment, he took off his clothes and locked his door.  He walked back to the bed, looking at this helpless green-skinned beauty on the bed before him.  He gave his cock a few strokes as he watched her, then stopped.  He didn't want to cum too soon.  He wanted to savor this.

He brought the paddle down on her rear.  D'nae cried out from the stinging pain, but it was a pleasurable pain, a delicious one.   "Master, please punish your slave," she begged and wiggled her ass to entice him.  He brought the paddle down again and again, until he knew her ass would be hot, stinging and sensitive.  He grinned, breathing heavily.  This was just the beginning.  

He hauled her into a sitting position, knowing that sitting would be painful for her, but not caring.  He was so eager, he was afraid he was going to cum quickly, but he always wanted a helpless, bound women to give him a blowjob.  He couldn't wait any more.  He stood in front of her, his cock stiff as he stroked himself slowly.  "Lick my balls.  Suck 'em."  

D'nae did as she was told, slowly licking his balls, then carefully taking first one, then the other in her mouth and sucking them, running her tongue along them as Mitch slowly beat his cock, his head thrown back and groaning.  "God, baby, you know how to suck so good.  Let's see how good you are at sucking cock."  

He stopped stroking himself and put a hand on either side of her head.  "Suck it, baby.  Give me head."  He guided his cock into her mouth, his hands in her hair.  The wet warmth of her mouth made him moan louder, and he began to pump his cock slowly in and out of her face.  D'nae eagerly sucked him, taking all of him in her mouth, moaning.

Mitch kept pumping, moving one hand to tug on the nipple clamp as she sucked.  "You're good at that.  Suck me, baby.  I think you like that, don't you?"  His hips swayed as he pumped his cock in and out.  "Are you a little slut?  You like sucking cock?  Huh?"  His breathing got heavier, his pumping faster.  

If he wanted to be honest with himself, the power and control felt just as good as the actual sucking she was doing.  She was his, to be used however he wanted, for the whole night.  His ultimate wet dream was taking place right now.

D'nae groaned and nodded, sucking and slurping as he moved his cock back and forth.  It was true - she did love doing this for her Masters.  They all loved it.  She loved to hear their groans of pleasure as she sucked them. 

Mitch's thrusts became jerking as he came closer to orgasm.  Much as he wanted to cum, he forced himself to wait and pulled out of her mouth, panting heavily.  "Not yet," he panted.  "I have more I want to do."

D'nae smiled and looked up at him, also panting and aroused.  "I am yours tonight, master.  Do whatever you want."

Mitch took hold of her collar and pulled her to her feet.  He then led her to the other side of the room.  There was a small table.  He bent her over the table and bound her wrists to the legs, then her ankles, so that she was spread-legged as she was bent over.  His hands roamed over her ass, then he took the head of his cock and slowly rubbed it up and down against her cunt.  "We're going to play a game..."

D'nae moaned and squirmed as much as she could.  "Anything, Master.  What game do you want to play?"

Mitch rubbed his rock-hard cock against her cunt, the tip of it wet with her juices.  "I want you to fight me.  I want you to scream, beg and plead for me not to fuck you."  He could barely speak he was so excited.

D'nae smirked for just a second before her voice turned to a pleading beg.  "Master, please...not that...please don't do that.  Don't fuck me."  She squirmed against the restraints.  "Master, no!  Please don't!"  

Mitch groaned as he rubbed his cock against her cunt.  "You want it.  I know you do, you little slut."  He began to push his cock in, barely past her cunt lips, savoring this.

She cried, trying to pull away, but the restraints held her fast.  "No!  I don't!  Master, no!  Stop!"  

Mitch couldn't wait any longer.  He groaned as he slid his cock into her and began to hump her furiously.  "God, D'nae.  Scream for me.  Fight me."  He groaned as he felt himself getting close to a climax and began thrusting even faster and harder, fucking her from behind.

"Master, STOP!  Don't do this!"  D'nae cried and begged, all the time feeling her own orgasm getting closer.  The clamps pulled and tugged at her nipples with each thrust he made since she was bent over the table.  His cock was driving into her harder and harder.  She was going to cum soon.  

Mitch's head went back as he began to cum.  He shoved himself into her so hard the table skidded a few inches forward. "GOD, D'nae!  Fuck, yes!"  He spurted his cum into her, feeling himself drain into her.  

D'nae came as well, her whole body feeling the pleasure of it.  She lay across the table, gasping afterwards.  

He untied her, grinning like a Cheshire Cat, undid the collar, clamps and shackles and pulled her into a hug.  He kissed her gently, whispered, "I loved that.  Thank you."

D'nae kissed him back and smiled.  "We're not finished yet, Master...."

To be continued......

Bounty - Part 2

The asteroid belt looked beautiful from this angle. It was a dangerous to approach the planet Ottori at such a shallow vector, but there was so little time for beauty in the bounty hunting trade. So moments like this were to be savoured and cherished. It was said the sparkling amongst the asteroids were vicious and hardy creatures that lived among them, but he chose to believe it was simply starship debri from those foolish enough to run the gauntlet.

The console began to beep and flash red, any moment the Ottori space traffic control would be aware of him and that would make life very difficult. A second later the console cover was off and his arm was buried deep inside and reaching for that all important lever. It was a shame to have to hide such brilliant technology but cloaking devices were illegal in nearly every system.

As the external sensors began to shroud the hull of The Precious he took one last look out the viewscreen. It had been thousands of years since the Ottori moon had disintegrated and slowly dissolved into the galaxy's most beautiful asteroid belt. It was such a shame that the beauricrate planet below was so xenophobic and fired upon any visitors. Surely the latinum-ore mined from the moon was not worth this level of security?

That was not his concern. His job was to land at the prearranged coordinates as arranged and on time. He would be pleased to rid himself if the bounty currently in the hold, it was a shame to have to sedate prey but this one proved to be most troublesome.

He didn't mind his prey putting up a good fight, it fact he rebelled in it a bit too much. Hand to hand combat kept him sharp and on top of his game. But this mark had a foul temper and would not stop shouting and screaming at him. He could never understand why his captives could never accept the certainty of their situation - they had been found, caught and imprisoned aboard his ship - until the handover they were not going anywhere and verbal abuse such as that would never change that.

Besides, the next stage of the plan was to dispose of his bounty collect his reward and be gone within the hour. He was contemplating returning to Nar Shudda and that flesh bar on the lower east level. He figured the only way to rid his mind of the Orion slave girl would be to see the show again from beginning to end.

At that moment the vibration of passing through the atmosphere shook him again from this dangerous train of thought. It would take all of his skill to silently pass the listening posts, just because he had done it before didn't mean it was easy.

It was all about the breathing. Breath in and out calmly and evenly, and your body can react instinctively on the controls. Coming in low and fast was the order if the day. Skimming past the guard towers and hugging the cliff faces ensured that if anyone did see or hear something he would be long gone before the thought was even finished.

Just as the sun began to reach over the horizon he was setting the Precious down on the landing pad. A few light touches on the manoeuvring thrusters and she was down, nestled neatly in a cravase barely a metre wider than the ship. He was good, and his current employers knew this or else they wouldn't have chosen this spot.

He powered down the cloak and set the engines into a quick self diagnostic pattern, that way a quick lift off could be just that. Activating the ships solar panels he donned his helmet and slipped on his double blaster belt. He decided to forego his usual blaster, those Corellian weapons would create a echo waking every official on the island.

Standing at the foot off the ramp he waiting for his employers to appear, and he didn't have long to wait. They were on time, and if there was one thing a good bounty hunter can appreciate it's punctuality.

After a few steps the recognition software in his helmet activated and immediately synced with the belly gun on board the precious. A small light flashed and he knew the gun was now permanently trained on the possible target. This allowed him to remove his hands from his gun belt and activate the remote for the holding section.

His employers reached him just as the cell settled on the dusty ground. His bounty stirred but didn't wake. Good, this meant they would see he wasn't dead and would save him having to prove it. Avoiding any pleasantries he held out his left hand gesturing for his payment.

The Ottoris glanced at each other before handing over the data pad. He didn't like species that communicated telepathically, it made him nervous. But they respected this and spoke. "You will find it is the amount agreed" said his helmet's translation program. The Ottori spoke in guttural grunts and whistles, very difficult for any non native to understand. The amount was indeed correct, as he expected.

He took one step backwards, about to return up the ramp. He never turned his back on anyone, friend or foe. "Wait" one of the short pale creatures said. "Check the last page" His heart started a fraction quicker, this was unexpected and unknowingly his right hand went to his right blaster pistol. "We have a new job for you"

For a good ten seconds he stood motionless, the cold dark view strip of his visor staring blankly at the two Ottori. In reality his eyes were busy darting across all the data now flowing in front of him. He flicked his left eyelid at the stand by icon and the ships weapons systems began to scan the environment and the pre-flight ignition also fired into life.

The little Ottori picked up on this and also took a step back. They pointed at his former bounty now lying at their feet. "Please. We have one more criminal for you to find" He wouldn't respond verbally, he never did. Instead he showed his distrust by flicking off the safety on his blaster now out of it's holster.

Now clearly nervous they both began to jabber. "This one had another partner. One working undercover on Nar Shadda whom we didn't realise was still alive. She was his contact to the Hutts"

She. He didn't like where this was headed. He wasn't one of those hypocrite bounty hunters who didn't go after 'women and children'. A mark was a mark. But a line female in a gang of criminals was always a recipe for disaster.

"She is the last one, we promise you. Then you will hear no more from us. Will you agree?" they asked. He held up his left hand and clenched all but two fingers. "For double your usual fee" said the Ottori and immediately turned and began to walk away, dragging their new prisoner behind them.

With his next step the ramp began to close. On the second step the ramp was closed and by the time he reached the cockpit both the landing gear and recharging panels were retracted. Removing his helmet and sitting in his seat he looked at the ships ascent plan. Damn, he'd trained his ship well. All he had to do was activate the cloak and sit back and wait, in seconds he would be back in the safety and comfort of deep space hurtling through hyperspace back towards the Hutt's home system.

He realised he hadn't even checked the data pad's extra page. Sloppy, very sloppy work he cursed at himself. First thing's first, memorise the target's face. If all else is forgotten or lost at least the mission could continue if he recognised the face.

The pad flashed back into life and he flicked to the last page. What he saw caused him to freeze in His seat. For what felt like a lifetime he didn't take a breath. The face on the data pad stared up at him, eating away inside him working it's way through and into his loins.

It was her. The Orion slave girl who winked at him mid orgasm. This was going to be one hell of a job.

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Prisoner of War - Part 2 (NSFW, Mature Content)

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This post is NSFW - Mature Content!

Rachel was terrified,  She had seen how big Master was - in all areas - and feared that he might do some serious damage to her.  She scrambled backwards on the bed, begging shamelessly.

"Master, please, no.  Please.  Don't."  She was close to tears as she backed away towards the headboard, considering a bolt for the door, no matter how futile it might be.  "I'll do anything you want me to with Leah, I swear.  Just please don't take me yourself.  Please, Master."  She backed up as far as she could, huddled against the headboard.

Master grabbed her by one ankle, his large hand easily encircling it.  "I will do anything I please.  The sooner you learn that, the better."  He yanked hard and pulled her back down to him on the bed.  He pinned her shoulders down and roughly spread her legs.  In one swift movement, he thrust into her, his huge cock filling her.

Rachel cried out in pain from his size and from how rough he was.  She was thankful that she was still wet from what Leah had done or it would have been worse.

Master grunted as he shoved himself into her over and over, not as rough as he had been with the first stroke, but not gentle at all.  He sucked her nipples and kissed her hard as he took her.  The whole bed shook with each thrust.

Rachel's cries of pain slowly changed to soft moans of pleasure, then louder ones.  She hated herself for feeling arousal from the man who forcibly took her, but she couldn't help herself.  As she became accustomed to Master's size and force, her nails began to dig into his back and she clutched him to her.  "God, yes, Master!"

Master grinned at the change.  He growled into her ear, grinning as he kept pumping his cock in and out of her.  "You begged me not to fuck you.  Now you want me.  Say it.  Beg me to fuck you."

Rachel hated herself for what she said next, but she was so close to cumming again.  She didn't want him to stop.  Her tone was pleading.  "I'm sorry I resisted.  Master, please fuck me.  Don't stop.  Please, I'm so close."  She began to grind her hips against him in rhythm with his thrusts, trying to get herself off.

Master laughed.  "Since you asked so nicely..."  He began to thrust harder, his voice rough with passion.  "Whose are you?  Who do you belong to?"

Rachel spoke without hesitation.  "I'm yours, Master.  Please...don't stop, Master..."  She began to cum, screaming and crying out as she did so.

Master grunted and thrust one last time as he came, filling her with his seed.

He grinned down at her, still inside of her, still on top of her.  "I think you will work out well."

To be continued.....

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Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Prisoner of War (NSFW, Mature Content)

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>>>>>>This post is NSFW, Mature Content<<<<<<

Rachel fought hard during the attack, shooting as many of the enemy troops as she could; but she was outnumbered and outgunned.  Her small band of rebels was no match for the swarm of enemy combatants that flooded her compound.  

She saw most of her squad comrades killed.  All of the men were slaughtered, and all but three of the females were, too.

The last thing she remembered on that fateful day were the screams and sounds of struggle from the other two women captured - their screams mingled with her own.

She was drugged right after that.  Darkness and nothingness enveloped her.  She welcomed it.

She woke up at a processing station.  She was bathed, cleaned, given preventative treatment for vermin, inspected....and put up on the auction block and sold.

She waited in her new Master's room, looking around, quite nervous.  He obviously had money - the trappings were rich and excessive.  Red silken curtains, red silk linens, satin blankets - also red.  She was sensing that her Master liked that color.  She smirked to herself.

She was looking at the windows, seeing if there was a way to escape, when the door was unlocked.  She stepped away from the window quickly and stood watching the door.  Her heart was thumping wildly, afraid but also bracing herself to see if she could make a run for it.  Not that she had anywhere she could go.  The house was enormous, and the grounds were heavily guarded.  Still, if she could run, maybe she could hide...

Her thoughts were cut off abruptly as her Master stepped into the room.  Her breath left her for a moment as she saw him.  

He was tall.  He easily topped 7 feet, and he was built like a bodybuilder - thick muscles and a powerful stature.  He looked human, but that didn't really mean that he was.  You never know these days.  

Her knees felt weak as her mind raced with all sorts of terrible things that might happen to her very soon.  

He looked at her and spoke.  His voice was actually...gentle.  "You look well.  I see that the purchaser didn't injure you during transport.  I'm pleased."  He gave a small smile. "You may call me Master.  You and I will get better acquainted soon, but first, I want you to meet someone."  He gestured, and a petite female walked in.  Her hair was long and dark.  Her breasts full and pert.  She wore the same scanty slave clothing that Rachel herself wore, although the newcomer's was - of course - red.

The female stood in front of master, dwarfed by him.  He smiled and affectionately put his hand on her shoulders as he stood behind her.  His voice exuded warmth as he said, "This is Leah, my Most Treasured One."  He looked Rachel in the eyes.  "I bought you for her."

Rachel blinked in confusion.  "For her?"  She looked from one to the other.  "Like...as a servant?"  This was a huge relief, and Rachel actually smiled.  "That sounds wonderful, sir.  Uh.  Master."  She gave an awkward little half-bow. 

Master smiled, then chuckled.  "Not exactly a servant."  He gave an encouraging, gentle push to Leah.  "My Most Treasured One has...needs she would like fulfilled."   Master went to an overstuffed chair near the bed. He undressed, then sat watching the two of them, a gleam in his eye.

Rachel felt panic set in again as Master undressed, then utter confusion as to what was going on when Leah began to slowly walk towards her.  Then it hit her.  Oh my god, she thought, I'm a sex slave....for her.  

Master saw her look of panic and spoke with a firm voice.  "Don't fight her, or you'll face my wrath.  Do as she says."

Rachel nodded, feeling defeated as Leah took her by the hand and led her to the bed.  As they both stood, Leah removed her own clothing quickly and then began to slowly undress Rachel, like she was savoring the opening of a Christmas gift.  Leah made approving comments to Master as each part of Rachel was uncovered.  As she undressed Rachel, Leah ran her hands along her skin.  Lightly touching each private part of Rachel - her breasts, her sex, her rear - Leah delicately explored all of her.

Rachel's nipples grew hard and erect, partially because of the chill in the air, but also because she was....enjoying Leah's touch, much as she hated to admit it.

Leah gently pushed her onto the bed, both of them completely nude.  Rachel whispered nervously, "I've never...done...this before with....a girl..."

Leah whispered reassurances to her, telling her to relax.  Her breathing was getting faster, and Rachel thought that it seemed like Leah had been looking forward to this for a long time.  Rachel nodded and lay back, not sure what to expect.  She glanced over at Master, who was stroking himself as he watched the two naked women entangled on the bed.  Rachel blushed and quickly looked away.

Rachel felt Leah's lips and tongue on her nipple, licking and sucking.  Rachel moaned and closed her eyes, writhing a little as Leah nursed at her breast.  She then felt Leah's hand moving along her stomach, down to her cunt, and then fondling her clit.  Rachel gasped and then cried out as Leah teased and fondled her clit while sucking on her nipple.  Leah's fingers then entered Rachel's sex, thrusting inside of her, violating her roughly.

Rachel was wet and aroused, her hips pushing and grinding against Leah's hand at this point, craving the release of orgasm.  Leah moved from Rachel's nipple to licking and sucking on her clit while her fingers worked her cunt.

Master was still watching, stroking himself.  "Cum for her, Rachel.  Let my Most Treasured One please you." As he spoke, he moved towards the bed, getting behind Leah, who was on her knees with her rear in the air as she pleased Rachel with her mouth and hands.  He entered Leah from behind, pumping his cock in and out of her.  Leah's efforts became even more vigorous as she felt her Master's cock inside of her.

Rachel moaned and writhed, feeling herself cumming.  She screamed out with the intensity of the orgasm, her body shaking as the pleasure radiated out to every part of her.

She lay there, gasping for breath, watching Master as he fucked Leah from behind, holding onto her hips as he shoved his cock in and out of her.  He was rough with her, but judging from Leah's screams and moans, she was enjoying every minute.  He spoke to her as he fucked her hard, "Do you like your new slave?  Do you like eating her cunt while your Master fucks you?"  Leah moaned her affirmative answers and soon came hard, screaming her pleasure for Master to hear.

Master pumped a few more times, making sure his Most Treasured One was satisfied, and then pulled out and looked at Rachel with a smirk.

He spoke in a low, sensuous voice.  "Now it's my turn to sample you."

Rachel's eyes grew wide and murmured, "No...please don't..."

To be continued.....

Tuesday, August 10, 2010


I would like to take this opportunity to introduce myself. My name is Nick and I am a 36 year old geek living in the UK (yes we have geeks in England, we're just not considered cool like they are in America)

You will have already read part one of my first piece of work on Adult Sci-Fi called Bounty. Currently I am working on chapter five, so I hope you like it so far as more chapters will be appearing over the next few days.

Please feel free to comment either publicly or privately, all are welcome. I hope you enjoy reading my work as much as I enjoy writing it.


Monday, August 9, 2010

Bounty - Chapter One

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>>>>>This post is NSFW<<<<<

By Nick  (I just copied and pasted it for him)

It was dark. Real dark. It was just how he liked it. He felt comfortable in the shadows, the shadow was his friend, his alie, his partner. Without it's cool enveloping embrace he would be alone and exposed. He would be dead.

Slowly, the lights began to brighten and from somewhere music began to build. He shifted back in his seat as far as he could to ensure he was still hidden. The table on which his drink stood began to shake and the clear within liquid rippled. Many of the crowd were on their feet applauding and for a moment his eyes darted around the room - checking his exits and quickly reassign the threats. No need to panic, everything is the same as when he entered the bar and sat at his booth.

The music built to it's full volume, the crowd cheered and the curtain lifted to reveal six Orion slave girls on the stage frozen in readiness. The crowd fell momentarily silent and the girls began their act. It was intoxicating. It was mesmerising. It was arousing. It was . . a distraction.

"Stop" he thought to himself, he couldn't afford to lose focus, not for a moment. If he did he'd be unemployed, or worse, dead.

His focus shifted to a lone figure at the table nearest the stage, sat with his face away and facing the floor. For the moment, the mission continued but the chase had not begun. With one eye seemingly on the target and one on the surroundings he leant back into his seat. He wasn't aware he had shifted, this was not good. Unconscious acts got people like him killed.

He decided that until everything was a go he would continue the appearance of just another patron enjoying the show. And what a sow it was. The girls writhed across the stage, touching each other as they passed. Touching themselves with passion and an enthusiasm he had never seen before. He had heard about their charms, even been in a room with one before but he'd never seen things such as this.

Their hands explored each other's bodies, their fingers explored themselves leaving nothing to the imagination. He could see the sweat run down their bodies, he could hear their moans of pleasure and he could imagine himself with them.

He pictured the girl in front, the one with the most pert breasts he'd ever seen and with eyes that just longed for pleasure. He began to plan his attack. Beginning with laying her on her back and his face burried between her thighs, his hands cupping those breasts and her gyrating on his mouth until she screamed. "Damn" he thought, I'm going to have to but myself one of those girls one day.

He afforded himself a glance down at his crotch, breathing a sigh of relief that his excitement wasn't showing. His body armour was expensive, it was the best Black Sun could obtain and it worked well. Very well. Deciding he was lucky and if he wanted to remain alive he should concentrate on his target before another womp ray scurried off with his bounty.

He looked up, and just in time. The target was getting up and had his communicator to his ear. Something was not right because the target was moving towards the exit behind the stage and he was not yet moving.

In one swift motion he was up and out from behind his table and moving off into the crowd. He was exposed and surrounded by unknowns. This shouldn't be good but it didn't matter. His helmet was on and the optics activated. He was on the move and on mission. This bounty will be collected and he will be one step closer to an Orion girl of his own.

In just a few confident strides he was past the stage and heading for the exit. He risked the quickest of glances at the girls on the stage as he passed and that was when his heart skipped.

There she was, as naked as the day she was born, lying on the stage and in the middle of an orgasm that was bringing the house down. And she was looking right at him and smiling. He didn't pause and he didn't hesitate, but he did see her wink at him as he passed. She surely couldn't have noticed him, the deception software in the armour worked on every creature except the mist determined of Jefi Knights.

And yet she looked directly at him and winked. This was not good. By the time he had taken it all in and decided to ignore it he was outside and in pursuit. Bounty first, pleasure later.

"Let's do this" And the chase was back on.

To be continued.....