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Thursday, August 12, 2010

Tell us your fantasies....

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  2. I like to write what people like to read.  I love feedback.  I love suggestions.  Telling me what your favorite part of a story is or what you'd like to see in a future story would make me thrilled!
(Nick can give his reasons in his own post, if he wants. :) ))

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  1. My favourite post I read so far has been Chapter 2 of The Gift. =]
    But apart from that, would you be interested in working with a different series? I know this blog is primarily SW, but you could always just put it up somewhere else, like Fanfiction.com, if you wanted to keep this primarily focused on SW and ST.
    Anyway, if yisser are interested in that, I would KILL for a decent smutfic with Sylvia Christel from the No More Heroes game series. Look her up and you'll know what I mean. =D

    And one more question: Can I cum in your mouth? =)


  2. Mark -

    Thank you so much for the comment! :) Maybe I can have more posts like The Gift, Part 2. ;)

    I can try to work with any series, but I'll have to look into a disclaimer to use if it's fanfic. Just give me a link and I'll research it. :) The email address is adultscifi (at) gmail (dot) com.

    As for the last part: Maybe, if you're a good boy. ;)

    ~ D'nae

  3. My fantasy can be pretty much summed up in 2 word.



  4. Pantherian -

    Then you will like one of the upcoming chapters of "Prisoner of War." :D

    I think I need a new poll about fetishes. Hmmmmm...


  5. This is also the place to suggest themes not in the polls, by the way.

    Let's hear it!


  6. Personally I wanna see it get a little more descriptive maybe even a little dirtier sometimes. Oh and a lot more naked Orions, lol

  7. Anon-

    That is a sentiment shared by more than just you. LOL

    I've been trying to get new content on the blog often (like every day), but I think having longer posts less often might be better. Do you think so?


  8. That might actually work out pretty well

  9. Anon -


    So maybe longer posts, 3 times a week?


  10. So in the latest post ("The Gift," Part 3), I tried to take some feedback into consideration.

    It's longer. It has more detail. The Master/slave relationship was played up a bit more.

    Hope everyone enjoyed. :)


  11. I definitely did ;) Thanks