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Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Bounty part three

Chapter three

He held on to the edge if the bunk tight. So tight his hands were beginning to change colour. He toes also began to grip the floor scratching for purchase. Tilting his head and arching his back he did all he could to not to cum, bit he knew it was inevitable.

The Orion slave girl continued to suck his cock despite his fidgeting and wriggling. Her mouth travelling the entire length of his shaft and back every time was almost too must. Every pleasure centre in his body was active and was screaming with pleasure. One hand was reached behind his ass pushing his body closer every time and her other reached up and clawed at his upper body. He would probably be covered in scratches when this was over but it would be worth it.

"This was it" he thought. He was going to cum in her mouth and he was going to cum hard. The thought occurred that as he was pumping so deep into her throat she might gag and spit his hot sticky cum back at him. That thought was quickly replaced with the realisation that she was a professional and knew exactly what she was doing.

The moment began to approach. The sensation built within him, and he could feel it seep to every extremity of his body. The numbness in his hands and feet was replaced by that wonderful tingling feeling as all his senses began to subdue. It was really going to happen.

He could see next time nothing, not because his quarters were dark but because he couldn't open his eyes. The only scent in the air was the musky tang of sweat, his sweat. Barely conscious of any sound his ears were filled with the sound of his own groans and the sound of a soft wet mouth sliding briefly over the end of his cock.

This was by far the most sensual and erotic that had ever happened to him. In fact it was the only sexual encounter for many years. The question quickly occurred why that was, but was again quickly dismissed, as the beautiful green skinned woman at his feet began to moan. She had picked up on his mounting pleasure and was about to bring him to orgasm.

This is infinitely more pleasurable than that thing he picked up on Risa. That so-called male pleasure device was not worth the hundred credits he paid for it, especially as the pump had failed after only a month. If this was going to happen he wanted to see it. He wanted to see her swallow her prize. She was so good it was obvious she enjoyed it too, and he wanted to reward her.

The paralysis controlling his body would barely allow him to move his neck. But it had to, he could feel his cum about to leave him and enter her. The moment should be the greatest thing to ever happen to him, just one thing bothered him. What was that sound? It sounded like . . .

"Warning. Warning. Pursuit alert"

He opened his eyes and looked down. There was no green skinned goddess, there was only the sight on his own naked body and his sweat covered bunk sheet.

There was the flashing red light above his door and the blaring of the alarm system. He was not receiving the blow job of his life - he was in bed dreaming and his vessel was trying to rouse him.

With a sweaty leap from his bunk he was running barefoot towards and out of the door. Three seconds later he was stood absolutely naked in the cockpit staring at the tactical display. Three long range fighters and they were bearing on him. It was at that moment he looked down again. This time the sight that beheld him was of his poor cock, gently returning to it's flaccid state and of his cum covered balls and inner thighs.

His next thought upon jumping into his seat and grabbing the controls was "why don't I keep a towel up here?"

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