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Thursday, August 26, 2010


Final chapter

She slid her feet into her favourite high heeled boots. They were not her favourite because they were extremely comfortable, or because they were stunning and showed off her amazing legs and made every male she passed drool. They were her favourite because she had a knife hidden in the sole of the left boot and a tiny thermal grenade in the right. It had taken quite some time to find the correct sized ordinance to fit into them, but it was worth it.

She got up and strolled across the walkway, the crisp night air biting at her flesh. Her nipples still erect and her sweat still sticking to her skin meant everyone stopped to watch her walk past. In this district everybody minded their own business so for life to seemingly stop like this was very unsettling.

Her master beckoned for her to quicken her pace and she did so, catching him up just as he stopped to face her. He grabbed her by the neck and began to squeeze hard on her windpipe, leaning in close and breathing hard on her ear.

“If you ever embarrass me in public again by refusing me again, I will do more than stripping you naked and spanking your green ass. Do you understand me slave girl?”

This scared her, more so than the public display he put her through moments before. Her eyes searched all who past them, looking for signs that someone would come to her rescue. Of course down here that was never going to happen. He growled into her ear again “Answer me bitch!” He then slid his rough hand into her exposed knickers; insert a finger into her pussy far to fast to be arousing. It wouldn’t have been so bad nut it was his ringed finger, and the bulbous rock embedded into the ring hurt all the way up.

Fortunately for her she let out a quiet whimper and her removed his finger slowly, released his grip and let her slump to the ground. She lay there struggling for her breath to return to normal, still scanning the crowds for a saviour. The chances of a Jedi emerging from the crowd to cut down her master and rescue her were pretty slim. Those noble warriors were long gone thanks to Vader and his troops. No, she was on her own.

Without thinking it through her hand slid over to her left boot and hovered over the quick release switch for her knife. If he got any closer it would be his blood on the promenade this time and not hers. She silently begged for him to come closer, and he did.

His boot came crushing down on her wrist and she screamed in agony. At least this brought her breath back. “Do you think I’m stupid you worthless woman?” Again he was asking her questions she couldn’t answer. All she knew was the game was most likely up and that the only thing in her near future was a public beating.

He reached down and ripped off her boot, flipping the switch and catching the nifty little blade as it shot out of it’s compartment. He examined it, ever so slightly touching it with his tongue. His reflex instantly spitting out the foul taste now in his mouth. He’d discovered the poison coated on the tiny blade and his eyes widened with fury, tugging off her over boot before throwing them both over the edge of the walkway.

She watched as her only chance of freedom dropped into the chasm. Her life was about to end and she knew it. She wondered why her life wasn’t flashing before her eyes, probably because it wasn’t much of a life. Sold into slavery as she had reached her species sexual maturity and it was all downhill from there. She hadn’t even been satisfied sexually in many years, forced to perform for those animals in that club most of her life.

Her only hope in that club was the same as it was right now, looking into the eyes of decent looking passer-bys hoping for a connection, hoping for a saviour. The thought finally sunk in that it was over. Her sad miserable life is going to end and it was probably for the best. Time for her dream of travelling the galaxy in the strong arms of a well-endowed good man was just a silly fantasy and it was the only thing that had kept her going.

Her master picked her up off the floor and threw her towards the end of the walkway, her face hanging over the edge starring into the abyss. She wanted to close her eyes but she couldn’t. Again the foul smelling creature that had been her master began to speak, this time his words spewing from his mouth with venomous hatred.

“You are of no use to me anymore bitch” his boot now pressing into her back “My team are all dead or captured, I paid well to have the bounty hunter on my trail taken care of and I don’t need you to store my loot anymore” It was true. He and his team had stolen and lot of money and valuables in their time and had used her to deposit everything at the local bank. If only they’d taken their eyes off her for more than a minute she could have slipped into the bank and take the lot. She was the only one with access, and if her master was gone she would be free.

“I’m going to slice off your pretty little head and use it to get my money, and throw your worthless little body over the edge” She couldn’t she but he withdrew his own sword and raised it high preparing to swipe. She could see how the people passing by were giving them an extra wide berth and some were running off into the shadows. They were scared or spooked and who could blame them.

There was a loud whooshing sound and she felt the blade pass her neck barely an inch away. Had he missed? Was he just fucking with her? His left her back and she heard him take a step back. She wanted to turn to see but she was frozen with fear. No. She wasn’t going to let him win; if she was going to die at his hand she was going to face him. She cautiously rolled over and faced him.

He stood there just a few steps away, feet planted apart widely and his arms stretched out with his sword still in his hand. He was looking down at his chest as there what looked to be a long thin arrow protruding from his chest. Her eyes transfixed on the tip of the arrow she heard footsteps approach and an armoured figure appeared behind her master. The figure, clearly a bounty hunter, leaned in to speak into her now dying master’s ear and with a firm and gravelly voice spoke.

“You are going to die scum” The bounty hunter’s voice was commanding and authoritive and it made her loins tighten. He spoke again. “I am taking your slave woman and I am taking all of you ill-gotten gains” She felt herself start to smile. He wasn’t finished. “You will be lying dead in my holding cell. I will be rich and I will be fucking your woman in my bunk whilst you rot. Now die you fucker!” And with that he yanked the barbed arrow backwards through her former master’s chest and it dropped lifeless to the ground.

She looked up at the bounty hunter. He wore a lot of armour but she could see he was strong and she suspected there was a pretty nice cock under that cod-piece. He knelt down beside her and removed his helmet and she began to feel weak. He was gorgeous. A strong chin, beautiful eyes, a little stubble and a few scars, but oh my he was pretty. And when he spoke she nearly came in her knickers

“Hello beautiful” he said “It would please me greatly if you would agree to come with me. We can collect on his head, take his gangs earnings and leave this part of the galaxy and never return. She was gushing at this point “Would you like to be my partner?” he then asked and she was nodding before he had even finished the question.

“Just one condition” she felt herself say to him. Where did that strength come from she thought, this guy clearly has an effect on me just like I have on most men.

“Of course my sweet, anything for you” was his reply. She swallowed and asked her question before the moment overtook her completely “Please fuck me” she demanded “Fuck me now and fuck me hard”

He smiled “Of course my love, right away” And with one swift motion he had her up in his arms and they were moving off towards his ship. Her former slave master’s body being dragged behind them as they moved off back into the shadows. “Bounty” she whispered into his ear. “My name is Bounty” and smiled at him. “Pleased to meet you Bounty” he whispered back barely containing his smile “My name is Hunter”

She couldn’t be sure, as she was mesmerized by him but she could have swore she heard some cheers from the crowd and some scattered applause. She slid a finger between her thighs and felt how quickly she’d moistened; tonight was going to be a good night.

The end.


  1. Thank you for reading Bounty. Please let me know what you thought, good or bad. Thank you, Nick

  2. I thought it was quite good! I think the dialogue was a bit generic to be honest, but in general this was a cut above. Good work!

    - - Mark