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Monday, August 9, 2010

Bounty - Chapter One

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>>>>>This post is NSFW<<<<<

By Nick  (I just copied and pasted it for him)

It was dark. Real dark. It was just how he liked it. He felt comfortable in the shadows, the shadow was his friend, his alie, his partner. Without it's cool enveloping embrace he would be alone and exposed. He would be dead.

Slowly, the lights began to brighten and from somewhere music began to build. He shifted back in his seat as far as he could to ensure he was still hidden. The table on which his drink stood began to shake and the clear within liquid rippled. Many of the crowd were on their feet applauding and for a moment his eyes darted around the room - checking his exits and quickly reassign the threats. No need to panic, everything is the same as when he entered the bar and sat at his booth.

The music built to it's full volume, the crowd cheered and the curtain lifted to reveal six Orion slave girls on the stage frozen in readiness. The crowd fell momentarily silent and the girls began their act. It was intoxicating. It was mesmerising. It was arousing. It was . . a distraction.

"Stop" he thought to himself, he couldn't afford to lose focus, not for a moment. If he did he'd be unemployed, or worse, dead.

His focus shifted to a lone figure at the table nearest the stage, sat with his face away and facing the floor. For the moment, the mission continued but the chase had not begun. With one eye seemingly on the target and one on the surroundings he leant back into his seat. He wasn't aware he had shifted, this was not good. Unconscious acts got people like him killed.

He decided that until everything was a go he would continue the appearance of just another patron enjoying the show. And what a sow it was. The girls writhed across the stage, touching each other as they passed. Touching themselves with passion and an enthusiasm he had never seen before. He had heard about their charms, even been in a room with one before but he'd never seen things such as this.

Their hands explored each other's bodies, their fingers explored themselves leaving nothing to the imagination. He could see the sweat run down their bodies, he could hear their moans of pleasure and he could imagine himself with them.

He pictured the girl in front, the one with the most pert breasts he'd ever seen and with eyes that just longed for pleasure. He began to plan his attack. Beginning with laying her on her back and his face burried between her thighs, his hands cupping those breasts and her gyrating on his mouth until she screamed. "Damn" he thought, I'm going to have to but myself one of those girls one day.

He afforded himself a glance down at his crotch, breathing a sigh of relief that his excitement wasn't showing. His body armour was expensive, it was the best Black Sun could obtain and it worked well. Very well. Deciding he was lucky and if he wanted to remain alive he should concentrate on his target before another womp ray scurried off with his bounty.

He looked up, and just in time. The target was getting up and had his communicator to his ear. Something was not right because the target was moving towards the exit behind the stage and he was not yet moving.

In one swift motion he was up and out from behind his table and moving off into the crowd. He was exposed and surrounded by unknowns. This shouldn't be good but it didn't matter. His helmet was on and the optics activated. He was on the move and on mission. This bounty will be collected and he will be one step closer to an Orion girl of his own.

In just a few confident strides he was past the stage and heading for the exit. He risked the quickest of glances at the girls on the stage as he passed and that was when his heart skipped.

There she was, as naked as the day she was born, lying on the stage and in the middle of an orgasm that was bringing the house down. And she was looking right at him and smiling. He didn't pause and he didn't hesitate, but he did see her wink at him as he passed. She surely couldn't have noticed him, the deception software in the armour worked on every creature except the mist determined of Jefi Knights.

And yet she looked directly at him and winked. This was not good. By the time he had taken it all in and decided to ignore it he was outside and in pursuit. Bounty first, pleasure later.

"Let's do this" And the chase was back on.

To be continued.....

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