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Friday, August 6, 2010

The Gift - NSFW

>>>>>>>This post is NSFW<<<<<<<<

 The Gift

Kevin walked back to his quarters after a long shift.  He was tired - double shifts on a trading vessel - and plus he was down.

It was his birthday.  No one on the crew had even mentioned it.  He was upset, but tried not to show it.

Oh well.  Tomorrow's another day, he thought as he let himself into the quarters.

And then he froze.  

On his bed was....a woman.  A green woman.  An Orion, he thought.  He just stared, open mouthed, shocked.

D'nae quickly rose to her feet and smiled.  "You must be Kevin.  Your shipmates thought you might like me.  My name is D'nae."  She smiled wider and added, "Happy Birthday."

Kevin was speechless for a minute.  When he finally found his voice he stuttered, "B-but...I..wh-what...are you doing here?"

D'nae's voice dropped to a seductive whisper as she walked to him.  She played with his uniform collar as she purred in his ear, "Anything you like.  I am yours, Master."  She kissed him deeply after she said those words.

Kevin's mind was racing as she kissed him.  Did she say Master?!  His shipmates had chipped in to buy her?  Is that what she meant?  Surely there had to be some mistake, right?

D'nae could feel his tension, his surprise.  She deepened the kiss further and began to unbutton his shirt.

Kevin broke the kiss and grabbed her hands.  "Whoa whoa whoa!"  He looked at her with disbelief.  "What are you doing?" 

D'nae looked at him, puzzled.  Human males confused her.  Why did they feel the need to resist when they obviously found her appealing?  She sighed.  "I am trying to please you."  She moved closer, nuzzled his neck and whispered, "I want to please you, Master.  Please....let me please you."  She began kissing along his neck, gently nipping it every so often.  

Smiled to herself as she did so.  She knew her pheromones would soon take effect.  It was only a matter of time.

Kevin started to protest, but...damn it!  What was he supposed to do?  A gorgeous girl,wanting to do whatever he desired?  He closed his eyes and groaned as she kissed and gently nipped his neck.  

D'nae gave a sly smile as she heard the groan.  Her hands moved to his buckle as she continued to kiss his neck, swiftly unfastening the buckle and slipping his belt off.  

Kevin was getting excited.  He tried to fight it, but then thought, What the hell?  Why not?  He kissed D'nae back enthusiastically.

D'nae grinned at him after the kiss.  "Master is pleased with his gift.  Good."  She began to unbutton his shirt again, this time with no resistance.   She removed his other clothing as she continued to kiss and caress him.  

Once he had been stripped, she guided him to a chair, sitting him down.  She got on her knees in front of him, looking up into his eyes as she began to stroke his cock.  She whispered, "What do you want from me, Master?  Tell me."  

He moaned under her touch.  He knew what he wanted her to do - and got hard just thinking about it - but felt weird asking.  Still...she did ask.   He looked down at her and asked, hesitantly, "Could you...you know..."     He looked at her awkwardly.

D'nae still stroked him, her voice low and sensual.  "Don't ask me, Master.  Tell me.  Tellme what I can do to please you."  Her own excitement was growing.  She loved the point where a timid Master started to take the steps to become a bold one.  She looked at him expectantly, still on her knees in front of him, still giving long, firm strokes to his cock. 

Kevin had to fight to keep his eyes from rolling back in his head and to hold her gaze.  He swallowed hard and nodded.  "Alright."  He looked at this beautiful woman on her knees in front of him, between his legs as he sat.   His voice was thick, aroused.  "Suck me off.  Suck my cock."  

D'nae felt a fluttering sensation in her sex, the thrill of his words exciting her.  "Yes, my Master," she whispered.  "Anything you desire.  I live to serve and please you."

She leaned her head lower as she continued to stroke his cock.....

((To be continued with Part 2 in the next post.)) 


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